Simon's practice

2016 marked my 20th year of work as a registered Psychologist. Throughout that time, I have worked in a variety of clinical, community and corporate settings including prisons, employment agencies, and local government. I have been a partner with a consortium of Psychologists that provided leadership training and supportive teams workshops in the corporate sector. However my deeper interest in mental health has always been the process of psychotherapy with my existing private practice offering support for older adolescents, adults, couples and groups.

As a generalist Psychologist, I value and respect a broad range of diverse modalities. Body and somatic psychotherapy is of particular interest to me and the reality that the body is a valuable resource for mental health and wellbeing. I typically invite into a session a deepening awareness of the body, breath and movement. This can assist clients in areas of emotional identification, embodied expression and grounding. I currently teach as a faculty member of the nationally accredited Institute of Body Psychotherapy.

Concurrent to my practice, I provide support to various creative agencies regarding commercial projects. This has led to the design of an industry-based workshop focused on the Psychology of Embodied Creativity. In addition, I continue to hold a strong interest in the growing overlap between psychology, cinema and popular culture. The merging of these interests resulted in a career highlight in 2014 when I secured an opportunity to present a related workshop at an inaugural body and somatic psychotherapy conference in Berlin.

Esteemed Psychotherapist, James Hillman once described therapy as a space where ‘everything’s welcome’ and ‘authenticity rules’. Those descriptors have stayed with me and remain the foundation of my intentions for the therapeutic hour. I work respectively and collaboratively and value the safe use of embodied creativity whenever it presents itself.

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