Cath's practice


For the past ten years I have provided individual counselling and psychotherapy for adults experiencing various difficulties ranging from anxiety, depression, family relationship difficulties, loss and bereavement.

Counselling and psychotherapy enables one to take the time and space to self-reflect, and explore their inner and outer worlds, within a supported environment. This process enables one to gain greater self-awareness and understanding.

A safe therapeutic space allows the fragments of the self to integrate and become whole.

Emotional growth, wellbeing and healing

Children and Adolescents

I have been counselling children, young people, their parents and caregivers for almost 20 years. This has included positions held as a:

This experience has given me a thorough understanding of the relational, social and emotional development of children, and what helps a child to grow and flourish and develop a strong sense of self.

In my work with children and young people, I use creative and age appropriate modalities such as sandplay therapy, writing and journaling, artwork and drawing, movement and music. This is integrated with cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness techniques, and family therapy principles.

Sandplay and Symbol Work

In Sandplay Therapy, the child explores their inner world by creating scenes and stories using symbols, water and sand. It is a non-intrusive method where the therapist provides a held space within which the child can bypass their thoughts, and engage in the process safely, spontaneously and freely.

Family Therapy

A family therapy or systemic approach facilitates the exploration of relationships, connections and interactions between family members. Working with families in this way provides a thorough and broad understanding of the child, and enables lasting change within the family environment.

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